Monday, 23 August 2010

Awesome Golden Gate Bridge

There may be seven wonders in the real world, but SL has its own one, the Golden Gate Bridge is just amazing. Spanning two sims, it’s an awe-inspiring sight and to catch its beauty I needed my settings on ‘ultra’ to view the whole scene. It’s so well done I never even noticed the sim crossing when I walked over! The fantastic build is by Lupo Ellison. He says in his profile that landscaping at both ends of the bridge are still under construction, but don’t delay, take a look at the finished bridge now, it’s well worth a teleport over to see it. I spent some time there watching the people arriving, it’s an SL masterpiece and Lupo Ellison has done a brilliant job.

Janey Bracken

Monday, 9 August 2010

Woodstock '69

It was the golden theme of the long warm summer nights of the late 60s, the glowing campfires and the heavy smell of incense filling the air, mingling with the tell-tale scent of cannabis. The hippies danced around the campfire, their psychedelic patterned clothes contrasting against their sun-kissed browned skins. The hypnotic music pulsating through the dancers was pure Hendrix and Rolling Stones, a complete blast from the well-known past!! If you were worried about a drug bust, your fears were soon diminished as you glimpsed the police officers standing off to one side, puffing on what looked like a couple of spliffs. Last night dj Janis Short was at Woodstock ’69 and I went over there with a group of friends and had a brilliant time! Love and Flower Power days, the Woodstock ’69 sim has it all, their info reads ‘SL Music Festival & Role-play – Everyday it’s a place of peace love and music.’ If you want a bit of nostalgia or just want to travel back in time to see what it was like in those hippie days you couldn’t go to a better place than Woodstock ’69, plus it's fun dressing up!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 2 August 2010

Shanghai Lily's Opening Night

Turn of the Century nightclub, Shanghai Lily's, opened its doors for the first time last night. Owner Celestine Neutron's wonderful new club, which is based on the 1900's, looks like it will be a sure fire hit as everyone had a great time. Kicking off the night was excellent singer Crooner Carlucci and a crooner he is, taking us through an assortment of Rat Pack oldies and sounding for all the world like Dean Martin, he gave a smooth and professional performance as he walked among the crowd and danced with some of the lucky ladies in the audience whilst continuing to sing. Following Crooner was the beautiful DJ Violet Ormenthal with her stream of golden tunes from long ago, just right for the ballroom setting. You can read about Celestine's ideas and her story behind the opening of the club at CNN report 'Turn of the Century Club Opens in SL'

Congratulations to Celestine on the grand opening of Shanghai Lily's!

Janey Bracken