Friday, 26 February 2010

Mr. Stoneyheart Makes a Proposal

Miss O’Riley was shattered by her recent experience. While the police had recovered her stolen paintings and her gallery looked as it always had, she was a changed woman. She no longer felt the same pleasure in her work and each morning was a trial for her, bringing back all the shock she had felt when she discovered the burglary. She also felt confused and unhappy because Old Bert apparently was the thief, someone she had trusted and felt was her friend. More and more she turned to Mr. Stoneyheart for his advice and support.

Mr. Stoneyheart had been paying a great deal of attention to Miss O’Riley throughout all this. He listened to her worries and took her out to dinner frequently in an attempt to raise her spirits. For Miss O’Riley this was the only bright spot during this bleak time.

One day Mr. Stoneyheart IM’d Miss O’Riley saying he had an idea about her gallery and wanted to discuss it with her. Miss O’Riley was of course very anxious to hear what Mr. Stoneyheart had to say so she invited him over right away.

Mr. Stoneyheart and Miss O’Riley sat down in her office where Mr. Stoneyheart brought out a briefcase.

“I know that you have been going through a very difficult time lately and I have been wondering how I could help you. “

Miss O’Riley was pleased to hear this.

Mr. Stoneyheart continued “I have a proposal to make to you. I know how much you love the gallery and I am sorry to see you in such distress. You seem to be getting no happiness from your work here and that should not be. Nothing would give me greater satisfaction than to see you as you were before the robbery, the lovely young woman I first met a few months ago.”

“I would like to invest in your business so that you never worry about the finances again. Of course you would still run the gallery, but I would be able to take a more formal role in advising you, and in this way take the day to day cares off your shoulders.”

With that Mr. Stoneyheart opened his briefcase and showed Miss O’Riley more cash than she had ever seen in her life. Miss O’Riley jumped out of her seat and stared with astonishment at the opened briefcase. For the moment she was struck dumb.

Mr. Stoneyheart also presented a document for her to sign which would give him partnership in the Tissot Gallery. Miss O’Riley was still in shock, but gradually was beginning to comprehend what he had said. She looked at him for a moment, then said “Does this mean that we would be partners?”
Mr. Stoneyheart assented. “Yes, we would be partners together in this business. What do you think about that?”
Miss O’Riley glowed at the prospect of a partnership with Mr. Stoneyheart. She replied “Oh Mercy, nothing would make me happier!”
Hibiscus Hastings

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Masquerade Ball For Grand Opening Of Cube Gallery

I was invited to a Masquerade Ball last Sunday, the theme was white, so I donned my best white dress and headed off to the Cube Gallery in Sylveheru. Fellow reporter Hibiscus Hastings joined me and we arrived to be greeted by gallery owner Cher Demonge. Cher, a very successful artist/designer, has moved his famous Cube Gallery to this new location.. Retitled Cube v.2.0 – Art and Design, the gallery is well worth a visit, as well as Cher’s own artwork being on display, you can see the work of other artists as well. The Ball was a great success with many of the Cube gallery’s society members in attendance. The music was provided by excellent DJ Azufr3 Catteneo who kept everyone up and dancing. For queries regarding displaying artwork, please contact Cher Demange in-world.

Janey Bracken

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Having a Beer at the Rovers

Fellow reporter Ed Follet told me that there was a Rovers Return pub from the British television program Coronation Street in SL, so I went off to find it. And there it was in a sim called Le Meteque – Rovers Return Inn. It’s very well done, the green and gold pub sign and the glass windows etched with the name of the pub. Inside there is a jolly looking barman with the famous Newton and Ridley best bitter on the bar in front of him. On the walls are pictures of the actual television characters, the original pub landlady with her husband, Annie and Jack Walker, Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner. I sat down next to one of the customers, but he didn’t have a lot to say as he read his paper. He did look as if he was a visitor to the pub rather than a regular, could that have been a Norwegian newspaper he was reading? Coronation Street with its pub the Rovers Return, is known all around the world so it has many fans from abroad. I was going to ask for one of Betty’s delicious Hotpots until I remembered that I am a vegetarian, so I settled for a nice cold beer and a walk around the beautiful harbour outside.

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fine English Furniture On Sale In SL

Once you have your home in Second Life, the first thing you want to do is furnish it with style and panache! It can be hard going and frustrating travelling around the grid in search of well made classy furniture, although there are many designers out there, and very good ones at that, it is still quite hard to find fine classic English bespoke furniture which just breathes elegance.

Well you need look no further, Clive Hissop is a master craftsman who has carried his talents into SL by producing some beautifully crafted pieces of furniture and he has now opened his own store. I first met Clive when he had started to build in SL and I could see then that he was very gifted, he not only built accurately, but his designing skills are second to none.

Clive shares his SL home with partner Pink Bachem, and they have exquisite taste which shows in the beautiful surroundings they have created. I’m pleased that Clive has decided to open his own store and give other people the opportunity to buy his wonderful designs. You can find the store, ‘Cfs Designs, Fine Furniture’ at Pacific Harbour, Blackhearts CafĂ© sim.
Janey Bracken

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Story Of The Young Mermaid

(With apologies to Hans Christian Anderson)

The young mermaid lived in a beautiful underwater kingdom, along with her father the king; her grandmother; and five elder sisters. When a young mermaid reaches the age of 15, she is allowed to swim to the surface and look at the wonders of the world above. Each of the sisters made the visit as they became old enough, and on their return the young mermaid listened intently to their tales and descriptions of the world they saw and also the humans found there.

When her turn came the young mermaid also swam up to the surface, almost at once she saw a handsome prince aboard a sailing ship and instantly fell in love with him. But the ship was struck by a violent storm and the prince was washed overboard. The young mermaid saved the prince from drowning and carried him safely to the shore. She left him unconscious near a temple and watched from a distance until a young girl found him. The prince never saw the young mermaid.

The young mermaids grandmother had told her that although merfolk live for 300 years, when they die they turn to into sea foam and cease to exist. The humans have a shorter life however, but they also have a soul that lives on forever in Heaven.

The young mermaid longed for the prince and also wanted an eternal soul. So she visited the Sea Witch who sold her a potion in exchange for her wonderful singing voice, that would give her two beautiful legs and the ability to dance exquisitely.

Unfortunately it would also forever feel like she was walking on broken glass and her feet would bleed terribly. Crucially, she would only receive a soul if the prince loved and married her. Otherwise at dawn on the day after he was wed to another woman, the young mermaid would die of a broken heart and disintegrate into sea foam.

The young mermaid drank the potion and arranged to meet the prince, he was at once attracted to her grace and beauty despite her not being able to speak. Above all he was enchanted by her dancing, and she danced and danced for him even though the pain she suffered was excruciating.

When his father arranged for him to marry the neighbouring king's daughter, the prince told the young mermaid that he did not love the princess and would not marry her. He also said that he could only love the woman who saved his life, the one who he thought was the girl from the temple. It was obvious that he was becoming fond of the young mermaid, but eventually it emerged that the woman at the temple really was the princess and the marriage was announced.

The wedding went ahead and the young mermaid’s heart was broken. She thought of all that she had given up and of the pain she had suffered. She despaired thinking of the death that awaited her.

However before the dawn, her sisters arrived with a knife that the Sea Witch had given them. If the young mermaid used it to kill the prince and let his blood drip on her feet, she would again become a mermaid, all her suffering would cease and she would live out her normal life.

The young mermaid could not bring herself to kill the prince as he lay peacefully sleeping with his bride. As the cold dawn was breaking she threw herself into the churning sea and her body dissolved into foam. But instead of ceasing to exist, she felt the warming rays of the sun on her face. She had been turned into a free spirit, a soaring daughter of the air.

The other daughters of the air told her she had become like them because she had striven with all her heart to gain an eternal soul. By doing good deeds, she had earned her soul and would eventually rise up to her rightful place in the kingdom of God.

And of course the Prince and Princess lived happily ever after :-))

Adapted by Ed Follet & Amourette Dubrovna


Ambrose Island

Crossing Currents

Enchanted Isles

Haven of Rogues

Monday, 8 February 2010

Dream Wedding Competition

Are you in love? Would you like a virtual dream wedding in one of the loveliest sims in the grid? Well you can now enter a contest with a chance to win that amazing wedding in the fabulous Port Merion Village. I looked around the sim last year and it is absolutely stunning, just the place to take your loved one for a romantic trip.

The contest information given out by Port Merion says:

‘Port Merion Village Wedding Contest Asks: Who Is The Best Second Life Couple?

The Winner of the Port Merion Village Wedding Contest Wins An All-Expense Paid Port Merion Dream Wedding and Much Much More; Over S15000L In Prizes!

February 2, 2010 - Port Merion Region, Second Life -- Maybe you met at Newbie Island or at a Freebie Store; maybe your alts were friends and now you are starting anew, or perhaps you are old role-play friends or worked on a sim together... however your fairy tale began, Port Merion wants to help celebrate your love on its beautiful sim.’

Go and take a look for yourselves, the sim is certainly worth a visit whether you want to enter the contest or not. For more information contact FlutterGirl Looming, Balls Constantine or Kalique Pichot in-world.
Janey Bracken

Friday, 5 February 2010

Detective Braveheart Takes Charge

Old Bert got up bright and early, enthusiastically anticipating the coming day. He showered, got dressed and had a good breakfast, all in preparation for his time at the Pre-Raphaelite Gallery, followed by an evening with Daisy, perhaps going to a movie. He washed his dishes and left everything neat and tidy, then went off to work.

Miss Merriweather was at the gallery when he arrived. He was pleased to see her; they had become great friends as well as colleagues. As he entered the shop Miss Merriweather called “Old Bert, come and see this, something strange is going on!” Old Bert went over to where Miss Merriweather was standing with a puzzled expression on her face. There at the back of the gallery were a few paintings by Tissot.

Old Bert said “Maybe Mr. Stoneyheart has decided to branch out and start telling Tissots as well as Pre-Raphaelites. But it is very odd since there is already the Tissot Gallery not too far from here.”

While Old Bert was speaking Miss Merriweather read the notecards that had arrived while she was offline. Included was one from the SL Police that had been sent to gallery owners and managers following the robbery. Miss Merriweather read it aloud, scarcely believing what she was saying.

“Old Bert listen to this!”

“Yesterday a burglary took place at the Tissot Gallery in Victoriana Harbour. Artworks by James Tissot were taken from the gallery. A list of the works in question has been attached to this note. We are warning all gallery owners to immediately report any avatars who approach them with any of these works. In addition, a witness has described someone whom we consider an avatar of interest. This avatar is elderly, shorter than average and known as “Old Bert”. If you should see this avatar or know of anything related to this burglary please IM Detective Braveheart.”

Miss Merriweather and Old Bert stared at each other in shock.

“Miss Merriweather, I don’t understand” Old Bert stammered. “I have visited the Tissot Gallery, but I would never steal those paintings! How can anyone say it was me!”

Miss Merriweather replied “Of course I know that, Old Bert. But how did these paintings end up here? This makes no sense.”

Just at that moment Dectective Braveheart entered the gallery, joining Old Bert and Miss Merriweather. He spotted the artworks and turned towards Old Bert saying “How do you explain this?”

“I don’t know, I have no idea” cried Old Bert.

“Where were you last evening?”
“I was working here in the gallery until 9 pm. Then I returned home.”

“Did anyone see you here?”

“No, it was a quiet night; no one came into the gallery.”

“What about at home, did anyone see you there?”

“No, I live alone, no one else was about.”

The detective then asked Miss Merriweather what she had been doing.

“Last night I went out with some friends, we went to see Ballet Pixelle and then on to a club.”

“You’ll have to give me the names of your friends Miss Merriweather.”

“So Old Bert, were you in this alone?” Detective Braveheart demanded.

“I haven’t done anything, I don’t know where those paintings came from!”

“We have a witness who says you were in the Tissot Gallery moving paintings around.”

“There must be some mistake. I have been to the Tissot Gallery, but not for a while and I have never moved any paintings around there.”

“Well, Old Bert, you’ll have to come with me.”

Old Bert was frantic.

“Miss Merriweather, help me, please help me!”

Miss Merriweather addressed the detective saying “I’m sure there is some dreadful mistake here. Old Bert is very reliable and honest. Someone else must have done this.”

But Detective Braveheart was unmoved. “I’m sorry, but I have to take Old Bert with me while we investigate further.” And with that he took Old Bert off to the police station.

Miss Merriweather was stunned by this turn of events. She reported what had happened to Mr. Stoneyheart, and then remembering how much Old Bert had talked about Daisy, she decided to contact her to let her know what had happened.

While all this was taking place Daisy was doing some shopping, thinking about the evening ahead. When she received the IM from Miss Merriweather and learned what had happened she was overcome and burst into tears. She soon rallied, realizing that Old Bert needed her. She immediately tp’d over to the police station, where she was allowed to see Old Bert.

What a sight met her eyes! Poor Old Bert was in a cell, collapsed on a bench in the corner. When he heard the sound of footsteps he looked up and upon seeing Daisy, leapt to his feet and ran over to the bars, trying in vain to hug her.

“Oh, Bert” whispered Daisy over and over. Old Bert just looked at her, unable to speak.
“What happened?”

“I just don’t know” he replied. “I don’t understand any of it.”

They stood together a little while longer. Finally Daisy said “I’ll find out. I know this is a terrible mistake. Miss Merriweather feels the same. We’ll get to the bottom of this, don’t you worry. Try and remain strong, remember we are working for you.”

With that Daisy was told she had to leave. Poor Old Bert was left all alone in his cell. After watching Daisy leave, he threw up his arms in despair, crying “How can this be? What will happen to me?”

Hibiscus Hastings

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Candy Hearts for Valentine's Day

If you are looking for something for that special someone or trying to let another avatar know you are interested, Art Box may be able to help out. Art Box is a wonderful sim created by Frankie Rockett and Violet Sweetwater in which you can become part of an artwork.For Valentine's Day they have created candy hearts with messages you might want to send to your sweetheart.


Get Nekkid

Luv Ya

Hugs & KissesUR Hawt
Candy Hearts are on the third floor, only until February 14th.
Hibiscus Hastings