Thursday, 29 July 2010

Living at Poker Has a Lot to Offer!

Finding a good piece of land in SL can be a problem, especially if you want to be next to the sea! For most of us having an SL home is a must, a place to call our own that we can use if we want to change our clothes or have some quiet moments to ourselves. It’s also nice to have somewhere to bring friends back to without being interrupted by people passing by. However buying land can be a bit tricky and a little confusing, especially for newcomers.
I scouted around yesterday and found a few really nice plots, all with sea views. The sim is called Poker and I met up with Cliff Chesnokov who owns it. Cliff is an experienced estate owner and is there to help the tenants should they require it, which is really handy.

Cliff’s deal is a very good one, for his parcel of land measuring 1024 square meters he charges 438 Linden dollars a week for the tier payments, and the initial price to buy the land is an amazingly small sum of 219 Linden dollars! Cliff has two parcels up for sale measuring 1024 square meters. You get a 234 prims allowance with each parcel. (For new people, everyone who buys land in-world pays a tier fee each week, it’s a bit like rent and goes towards the upkeep of the sim where the land is. Prims are primitive objects that everything in SL is made of i.e. your house and furniture.)

Cliff’s other parcel of land on offer is to die for! It measures 4096 square meters and has an allowance of 937 prims (imagine what you could do with that!!). The buying price is 875 Linden dollars and the tier works out 1,750 Linden dollars a week, a snip for such a big piece of land, and to see the sunrise over the sea there is awesome! Cliff has a special first week offer on each parcel too, so don’t miss out! All parcels can used for business or residential.
I took a look with fellow writer Hibiscus Hastings and if I hadn’t already had purchased my place I would have definitely been interested. If you have any queries regarding the plots on Poker, please contact Cliff Chesnokov in-world.

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Just A'Mazing, Trying To Get Out Of The Maze!

I'm totally useless at directions! I get my lefts and rights mixed up all the time and even go wrong using a Sat Nav! So maybe picking the Maze Area in Sculptie Paradise wasn't the best thing I could have chosen to explore, but I thought I'd give it a go. There are five levels you have to climb and I soon found that this maze was very clever indeed! Visually it is quite confusing with the flashy interior looking the same wherever you go on each level, like being inside the belly of a giant space ship, but then it happens!! the walls start moving, panels sliding shut or opening. Just as you decided to try one exit it suddenly closes off and another one further along opens! quite ingenious as well as frustrating! This makes it very interesting and sets it aside from ordinary mazes. I found myself up for the challenge of trying to crack it and get to the final level. There's only one way out on each floor and I found I kept going around in circles in the beginning. I can't tell you how good it felt to find each ramp taking me up a floor, and finally reaching the top was pure magic. I could see all the other people below me by using my mini map, they were wandering around the same way I had been doing trying to get out. One little tip though, I found it was very laggy and doors were slamming in my face before I got to them. I set my avatar to run instead of walk and this helped me a lot, so try that if you are having trouble! There was also treasure to be found near the exit, but I think I had taxed my brain enough and gave up on that one, good luck if you think you can find it! The Maze was a lot of fun and worth a visit, I think I did well to get out, I bet you will do better, give it a try!!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Great Performance by DarlingPresley Xue at Le Chiantelle's

It always amazes me, the amount of talent you find in SL, I go wandering around and sometimes I find such great places. I called in at a sim called Le Chiantelle's Live Music & Ballroom yesterday, just out of curiosity, and I was lucky enough to arrive and catch a live singer called DarlingPresley Xue. Darling doesn’t hide the fact that she is a big Elvis fan and does include some of his songs in her music, but she also covers so many more legendary artists.

I joined a group of very appreciative people listening to Darling and we danced and had a great time. Darling has a very sweet, but strong voice and she went through her own cover versions of songs by the Beatles, Celine Dion, Elvis, Madonna, Barba Streisand, the Carpenters, Debbie Harry and Michael Jackson, plus others. Her rendition of Joleen by Dolly Parton was awesome, this girl is good!!!!

The Le Chiantelle's Live Music and Ballroom is a lovely friendly sim and they made me feel very welcome, go along and give live music in SL your support!

Janey Bracken