Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Captiva Island

While looking in the search showcase the other day I found an intriguing description for a place called Captiva Island . It said “A moss giant guards the entrance to this underground cave where a troll waits to snatch up unsuspecting visitors. Find the secret door and be transported inside the mystic tree, a world full of mutant plants and mysterious creatures.” I have never been able to turn down an opportunity to see mutant plants and mysterious creatures so I tp’d over. Entering the cave I found a rocky interior with a water covered floor and the promised troll. I did spend a bit of time in a cage next to the troll, but was able to get out and continue searching for the mysterious door. A very kind avatar pointed it out to me and I went through. I found myself in a beautiful forest, full of huge, glowing plants and trees as well as some jewel like insects. I walked around, first stopping at a campfire where I sat and warmed my hands, then continuing along the paths which wound throughout the forest.

At one point I fell into some quicksand and thought I was done for, but fortunately I was able to extricate myself with some difficulty and continue my explorations. I came upon a second fire and had a little rest there, lying down on a log and munching on a glowfruit. From that position I spied what looked like a sheltered resting place on a leaf-hammock, so I climbed up to it and lay down for a little while (I was still tired from my experience in the quicksand), but after a couple of minutes I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. Sneaking a look around I saw, to my horror, that a large lizard-like beast was staring at me intently. I thought it best to leave as quickly and quietly as possible, which I did.
Hurrying away from the creature I came upon another door and slipped through it, only to end up in a cavern full of boulders and spiders! Not liking spiders at all I retreated through the door and back into the forest where I took a path in the opposite direction from the lizard creature. I discovered yet another door. Opening it and crossing the threshold I plunged onto the deck of a ship being tossed about on a stormy sea. It was difficult finding my footing at first but I was able to master walking around on the deck after a bit of trial and error, and soon found myself standing guard and looking out across the ocean. Feeling even more daring I swung around on one of the ropes and then tried balancing on another. That was quite a feat and I felt after that that it was time for me to return to my peaceful home, where I could sit in front of my fireplace in safety and comfort.
Hibiscus Hastings

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Mr. Stoneyheart's Surprise

By some unknown means I have acquired a litter of fledglings. Being a man about town I cannot possibly look after them in draughty art galleries and so I have moved into Old Bert’s apartment during his absence.

1am When troubles come they come not single spies but in battalions

2am Absinthe: The panacea for all ill to my aid, perhaps this is nothing but a bad dream.

3am, awake and fractious, demanding milk and solace. Staring, blinking like myopic owlets behind thick tortoise-shell spectacles.

4am and asleep at last!

5am awake and dancing! It’s going to be a long day

Next instalment – I find a nanny.

Merciless0413 Stoneyheart as told to Boye Jervil

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Awesome Beauty of Blag Island

The lush countryside slowly appears as you land, a place where horses graze on the soft green grass and the meadows are full of summer flowers. There are sparkling rivers that run into the sea and a canoe awaits passengers at the end of the small jetty. Taking the canoe I paddled my way around the cool waters, nearly colliding with a friendly whale as it leapt up from below the surface of the water with a giant splash, porpoises also played in the sea between the jagged rocks, as they jumped into the air before tumbling back into the deep blue waters. This is Blag Island, one of the prettiest and most romantic places in SL, a perfect setting for getting back to nature with a hint of fantasy thrown in with the fairytale buildings there.

I saw a proud pelican sitting preening his feathers on a nearby rock, and beyond the pelican I could see a little island with seals barking their greetings to each other as they relaxed in the afternoon sun. Waterfalls cascade down the side of the rocky terrain and you can feel the gentle rain on your face as you wander through some ancient ruins overgrown with wild flowers and grasses.

Climbing to the top of the hill I approached a domed building and surprisingly this contained a giant telescope aimed into the skies above. Also glimpsed from the telescope’s viewing area are two of the tallest towers I have ever seen in SL, are these the tallest? well maybe! Climbing to the top of the towers you can literally hold a party up in the clouds, entertaining your friends whilst peering down on Blag Island hundreds of feet below!

There are many places where you can sit and relax, romantic little niches to cuddle up with your partner or lounge about with a group of friends. The working windmill is a great feature and looking over the cliffs I could see a galleon docked in the harbour below. I could read a big red sign on the galleon deck. It advised passers by not to stand on the deck area, and I couldn’t resist. All I can say is that you will be sorry if you do stand there, so keep well clear of it! After my traumatic experience on the galleon I went back onto the island and looked around and found a lovely walled garden, it was like stepping back in time with it’s little wooden-framed greenhouse and rows of well established bedding plants and colourful shrubs.

Blag Island is owned by Mafiawl Mower, a business man in real life, who invented the best selling board game called Blag, which is destined to be a big hit in SL as well, with the in-world version. Mafiawl has used his imagination to create this wonderful island and I’m going back to explore it further as there is so much to see there.

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Very Unusual Frogstar B Magic

Do you love your partner so much that you want to give them the Moon and the Stars? Well now you can, Frogstar B is a romantic location but with a space age setting which is really unusual.

You land on an outer platform of a large space pod, but even the platform is planted like a meadow with its bright grasses and wild flowers.

Inside the pod there are pose balls for romantic clinches and dances for couples who arrive there, you can take the winding staircase up to the roof garden, which is very pretty. It was there I spotted the beautiful unicorn in the first picture.

I walked through the tunnels of the pod and the colours are breathtaking and the design is really lovely. Going outside I spotted a meteorite with a seat on it, and strangely, a tree growing out of it, so I sat on the seat for a while gazing back a the planet earth below.

Owned by the Wa-Kei-Sei-Jaku group, this sim has certainly had a lot of thought put into it to make it like no other, if you want to explore on your own or with your partner, you will really enjoy it. The colours and textures alone are startling and the mixture of lovely gardens and the galaxy are really out of this world!

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Aragon Ballroom Opens its Doors Again

The Aragon Ballroom, which had been temporarily closed, was re-opened last night. Master Builder Clive Hissop has renewed the ballroom and it looks beautiful and very romantic. I went over to see it last night and met sim owners Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker there and Clive also joined us. The ballroom is a sparkling fairytale building with chandeliers and a sweeping staircase leading to the exotic roof garden.

I thought it was a little bit strange that when I first got there, a large black car was parked inside the entrance of the ballroom, then I could see that it was Seany. Next thing the car had transformed into the biggest robot I've ever seen!

I shouldn't worry about bumping into robots when you go dancing though, there was a party being held at the West End Club next door and the theme was 'Best Robot' so Seany was just getting ready for that.

Clive should be very proud of the ballroom and Brie opened it at 5pm (slt) last night, so it will cater for a few time zones. Get your evening dresses and tuxes ready and head over to the Aragon for a special night out, but watch out for any giant robots wandering around!!

Janey Bracken