Sunday, 14 November 2010

It's Nearly Christmas!!

Now that Halloween is over Christmas is nearly with us and SL is beginning to take on the winter wonderland look in many sims! I love this time of year and I've opened my very first shops with a Christmas theme. I've tried to keep all my stuff very low prim (one prim Christmas trees etc) and also very low prices so that people can buy a tree and a garland to match and still have Linden dollars to spare. It's been great fun I can tell you, although writing is my first love, building little bits and pieces has been very gratifying too. My friends in the beautiful Old Europe sim, Up4 Dawes and Rux Anatra sent me one of their lovely Christmas items they have on sale this year, it's a little Christmas lodge and is exquisitely made. I excitedly put the lodge up, which is made easy with a 'rezzer' and the Lodge was ready to use.
I sat in the window and watched the snow falling down, which is a clever idea as you get the snow effect even without snow falling outside the lodge!
Its lovely and cosy inside with a blazing fire and Christmas stockings hanging over the fireplace. You couldn't ask for a nicer winter home.
You can buy the lodge called SN-Christmas Decoration Winter House from the Old Europe sim, which is well worth exploring as well, it's one of my favourite places in the whole of the grid.

I've got my shops in the New London Village, Tropical Bliss and the Christmas Market in the Christmas Village. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and I can't wait to explore all the festive sims!!


Janey Bracken