Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tango in Second Life

Is it possible to be abandoned and controlled at the same time? I don’t know, but the other night I went to a tango club with my friend Boye Jervil, and if anything can create that kind of feeling, it must be the tango.

The Tango in Second Life sim, owned by  Adolfh Gustafson, replicates a tango dance hall, or milonga.
Depending on your mood, you can kick up your heels (literally) inside the intimate club, up on the roof, or outside in the garden.
 The music is fantastic, non-stop classic tango, and more than anything this creates the atmosphere of passion, sensuality and mystery (I’m sure it is no coincidence that the Masterpiece Mystery theme music is a tango).

The tango itself emerged in the 19th century and was originally danced by partners of the same gender, as a kind of competition. In 2009 the tango was declared to be a part of the world’s cultural heritage by UNESCO. So if you are a culture vulture or just want to have fun with some friends, Tango in Second Life is a great place to try.
Hibiscus Hastings

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  1. We have spent a year with Tango in Second Life. I want to thank you for your words so heartfelt and as described our effort. I tried to capture the spirit of the tango and you have captured this perfectly
    Greetings. Gustafson Adolfh