Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Amazing Avatars!

I go to the big meeting places in SL sometimes and like to spy on the different avatars that arrive. There are some pretty spectacular ones about, and some of the work that people put into them is truly amazing. I really liked the clown in the above picture. His name was StiX and he danced in between me and the lady to my left DivinePheobe. Divine remarked on his great dancing and he said he didn't know he was dancing, another SL bug then!! I admired his boots, which were huge!!

Another lady grabbed my attention, she had the most amazing big hair I have seen in SL, which included little fairy lights, quite sweet, she gets first prize for finest big hair. Another guy had a very well made false arm which must have taken some building, the detail was amazing and very robocop like.
Then there was the devil himself who had bright red glowing eyes, quite fearsome!! I do wonder about the guy I saw running about in one of the stores though, he just had a barrel on, I wonder if he was a barrel of laughs, I never spoke to him, so I will never know!!!

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