Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My 'pen' friend

when I was relatively new to Second Life I would travel to as many places as possible. If I felt like dancing I would click on the search button and type in 'night clubs' then I would teleport myself of to any that caught my eye. It was whilst I was on one of these forays that I came across a night club, called Flipper's pen. Sadly like most of the clubs i visited, there was nobody around, normally in this case I have a quick look around and shoot of to the next place. I was just about to leave when I heard a splashing noise behind me, turning round I saw to my surprise a Dolphin! yes, a Dolphin, you read right, and then it clicked! Flipper.....Dolphin lol. Ok ok I was a little slow connecting the two, but in my defence, I'm barely old enough to remember the television programme, let alone a night club that has a Dolphin swimming around in it. I sat and watched the beautiful creature as it went through its routine of tumbling tricks, and thought to myself, I will have to come back here sometime in the future. Three months later I returned to Flipper's pen, and to my astonishment it had all changed. The night club was still there, (still empty though!) but the Dolphin wasn't. I started to look around the place hoping to find him, and it was whilst I was searching for him that bad thoughts started to go through my mind, had he been kidnapped? caught up in a fisherman's net? or even worse died? I was just reaching for my tissues, when I heard a familiar sound, the same sounds I heard three months ago. 'Splish Splash' walking through some bushes I eventually came to an opening, and there swimming backwards, high out of the water was Flipper. "Hello Flipper" I heard myself shout out in my excitement to see him alive and well. I think he was pleased to see me as well, as I'm sure he winked at me! Now here's a thing you don't see everyday, a notice board with a sign saying 'Fireworks show' It told me to set my environment settings to midnight and click the button, which i did. I was treated to a wonderful display of multi coloured star bursting explosions, which occasionally lite up Flipper dancing in the sea. How romantic I thought, soft music, a warm gentle breeze blowing the sweet scent of cherry blossom through the air, stars twinkling in the midnight sky, and the sea occasionally reflecting the colourful display of fireworks in the sky. There's even a pony and trap, that will take you for a ride around the moonlit countryside, and to top it all off there is a sweet little chapel, just in case the romantic atmosphere takes over and you decide you want to get married. Its at times like this that I sometimes think, how nice it would be to have a boyfriend! then again nah!!! maybe not, he'd only pinch my chips anyway.


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