Tuesday, 28 April 2009

MelodyBlue Sings In SL

I was a little bit late logging into Second Life Monday night because of real life stuff, and when I finally managed to log on, I knew that I should be with my friend Brie (Janick) who had asked me to go over to a live gig with her. I hate missing things and went over for the last 20 minutes and I wished I had managed to see it all. It was a new lady singer on the SL music scene, and this was her first big venue.

When I arrived and waited for the virtual world to rez in around me, I could hear the fantastically strong, gutsy voice of the singer, her range was tremendous and I knew straight away that this lady has talent. I had arrived in Brie’s friend, Drakon Cortes’ D.C District sim, which is a Community Gateway, and people were dancing in front of the stage and having a good time.

The singer MelodyBlue Melody came into focus and I could see that this very pretty avatar in the dazzling red dress had all the right moves on stage, as she sang her version of popular cover songs. Brie told me that MelodyBlue also writes and sings her own music, which she had sung earlier in the show and I’m sorry I had missed it. Hopefully, I will see her perform again in the near future.

MelodyBlue has a great voice and lots of energy, which comes across really well in SL, it is hard to imagine that she has just started singing 'live' in-world. I wish her all the luck for a great future, both in SL and real life!!

Janey Bracken

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