Saturday, 11 April 2009

Friday Night on the Town

Friday night Janey and I were sitting around kicking our heals, so we decided to go out and see what was what in the London sims. We first stopped at Club Mayhem. No DJ was there at the time, so we had the place all to ourselves. Janey mentioned that she had always wanted to try being a DJ, so she hopped up to the DJ’s booth and gave it a spin, lol. You normally aren’t allowed on the stage when the DJs and hosts are working, but since we were on our own we were able to give it a try. Even I had a go. The poses are great; we both looked like we knew what we were doing.

After a little while we decided to move on to the Underground Club. DJ Janis Short was on, so we got to see and hear how a real professional does it.

Janey called it a night before I did, and she had no sooner left than a celebrity came in for a dance. Yes, it was the Easter Bunny! He must have been getting in shape for the big day on Sunday. You never know who might be dancing next to you, do you?

Hibiscus Hastings

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