Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ducknipple for Quality and Good Prices

Well I never imagined ducks having nipples, but then I don't know everything in SL!! I came across a 'Showcase' fashion store in the 'Search' menu and I suppose the name did draw my attention to it, yes it's called Ducknipple. I went over for a look around and to my delight the place is full of wonderful clothes and some shoes and accessories too. Always on the look out for bargains, especially with the credit crunch in mind, I am delighted to say that this store has really low prices, tops ranging from L$50 (and even some cheaper ones and a couple of freebies hidden away in the boxes over by one of the windows.)

I got the above outfit, which includes tights for L$150, and you can wear the top with or without the tee shirt under it. I called Hibiscus over and she too bought a great outfit! They haven't forgotten fashion for the boys either, there are some really nice clothes for men too, still at low prices. So check it and and see if the duck really does have nipples!!!
Janey Bracken

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