Monday, 20 April 2009

Artist Ritchey Sealy's New SL Gallery

We are very lucky in SL to have a real life successful artist who exhibits his work ‘in-world,’ for everyone to see. Ritchey Sealy (avatar Ritchey Jacobus) has a wonderful natural talent, painting, seemingly effortlessly, on location and producing masterpieces over and over again. Australian Ritchey was born in Gosford in 1962 and is part of an extraordinarily gifted family of artists. Ritchey has received many awards for his paintings, even having one presented to the HRH, The Duchess of York.

I was pleased to receive an invitation from Ritchey to attend the opening of his new gallery in SL called ‘The Ritchey Sealy Art Studio’ at Earpoint Region, and I went over there yesterday where I met Ritchey who told me that the opening had gone really well. The gallery, which was built for Ritchey by RichD Tomsen, is on two levels. The ground floor has Ritchey’s range of location paintings, including some wonderful bird pictures and animal paintings (which I had not seen before) as well as his seascapes, beach and countryside scenes. The pictures up on the first floor are Ritchey’s other persona, an exhibition of abstract art, which, amazingly, is a complete contrast to his almost impressionist main ground floor exhibition. It’s a very interesting concept with the two very different styles from one artists, but both work so very well.

I asked Ritchey about the bird paintings, a beautiful study of two Kookaburras (I bought the SL version of that one!!) and some colourful Australian lorikeets. The bird images are caught by Ritchie as they feed, looking, so animated and natural! Ritchie told me that he actually has these birds landing in his garden each morning, how wonderful is that!!!

We are privileged to view Ritchey Sealy’s work in Second Life and I hope his new gallery is a big success. You can visit Ritchey’s link to his real life paintings at

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