Saturday, 4 April 2009

Joys of Camping!!!

Because I've been in SL so long, it seems ages ago that I spent many hours camping for small amounts of money. Leaving my avatar sitting there as I did something else in real life, or just sitting watching what other avatars were doing around me. Sometimes I would sit there and swap my clothes over, trying stuff on, as I found you could do this without actually appearing naked, if you clicked 'wear' on the new item without taking the other item off. (I hope I didn't show any bits!!). I was wandering about today and found these poor bored campers and guess what? nothing has changed, everyone sat there without talking. It was more like finding a doctor's surgery, but not even a cough was to be heard! To make matters worse some of the free pose balls said L$2 for 120 minutes, I hope the people sitting had a better deal than that! Also the sign nearby seemed to ban everything interesting to take the tedium away, not even an interesting hairstyle or a bit of bling being allowed. Oh sweet memories, silly things I did too, took so long to save up L$300 and then spent it on a new skin that looked ghastly (no demos in those days!). Put the skin on once and never again, ouch! all that sitting camping for nothing.

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