Saturday, 18 April 2009

Visit Cheese HQ and Marvel at Johnny's Designs!

I have met many builders in SL since I joined two years ago and the standards with some of them are so good that you marvel that anyone can be so talented. Building isn’t easy! well doing it properly isn’t easy, as I found out once I started to have a go myself.

There is one builder though, who is not only clever at the actual building part, but the inventiveness and designs are quite astounding!! I met Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire some time ago and he is one of the nicest people you could meet. Johnny is so modest too, and quite clearly a genius!

I remember when I was a newbie and couldn’t get the hang of dancing, being a bit thick I didn’t realise that you had to activate your dance gesture by clicking ‘Play in World’ and not just ‘Play locally’ (the latter only your avatar can see!). Johnny came to the rescue, he had invented a walking stick, that once you held it, you could dance!! So he saved my night and my humiliation!!

Johhny has built entire sims, an expert on wonderful buildings and interiors and everything else that you would need, his eye for detail is exceptional.

Johnny has a store in SL called Cheese HQ and JTL Designs, and I went over for a look a couple of weeks ago and bought a utility belt he had made. It has a Walkman with earphones, keys, a packet of cigarettes, dummies guide book, cigarette lighter, two packets of potato chips, a mug, a hip flask and a knife, fork and spoon. By clicking on each object you can change the brands and inscriptions, even the belt buckle has a choice of styles. All this for just L$100.

Johnny has all sorts in his store, suits of armour all beautifully designed, with many parts, all for L$300. He has medieval weapons that you can use for hand-to-hand fighting and even weapons for horseback combat. There are buildings you can buy, ranging from castles to cottages and many other gadgets.

Johnny clearly isn’t in this for the money, as he keeps his prices really low, go over today and see his wonderful designs, oh and if you are going exploring don’t forget to buy your utility belt and you will be ready for anything!!!
Janey Bracken

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  1. No doubt this guy is a genius builder and a and modest person. You must see his work and own it to appreciate it.