Friday, 17 April 2009

There's a Party Going on at the Knightsbridge Gallery

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Knightsbridge Gallery as a little hidden gem in the London sims. A new exhibition showing the work of Juanita Deharo recently opened and is well worth a look. I hope to interview her for Virtually London (lite) but as RL is going to be a bit busy for me over the next little while I am not sure when I will be able to do that, so just wanted to post a mention here.

The Knightsbridge Gallery is split into two distinct sides, and in this case that layout works very well for Deharo’s artwork. On one side there are cartoon like characters - a large crowd scene called “Vibrator Women”, hanging from the ceiling are “Women in Boxes” “Pole Dancers” and “Cage Dancers”, standing around are “Cocktail Woman”, “Cocktail Woman 2” and “Cocktail Woman 3”, an “Italian Lover”, a man who is apparently asking the philosophical question “Art?”, “the football hero who leaves his socks on while making love” and some fountains. The figures are raucous and look like they are at the best clothing optional cocktail party in the history of the world. What a blast.

On the other side of the gallery are a series of landscape or still life works, using photographs that have been enhanced with the magic of Second Life. They are serene and restful, quiet and peaceful, unlike the party going on across the gallery.

So if you want to be Zen or if you want to live the life of the beautiful people, visit the Knightsbridge Gallery.

Hibiscus Hastings

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