Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Adobe eLearning Island

I saw Abode eLearning Island advertised today and went over for a look around, they have a group you can join so I expect there are lots of things you can do there. It looks like they have lessons going on and hold music events there. When I first arrived there was a quad bike that you could ride that invited you to 'rip around the island', well rip I did! I had no control over it whatsoever, it's a good job I didn't have Hibiscus as my passenger again, I nearly gave her a nervous breakdown last time!
I did wish I could have kept the quad bike though, it was great and I'd have liked to have taken it back to the London sims to frighten everyone there. I walked around Adobe Island and you can download quite a few free trials of their stuff from there, including Photoshop. I ended up at a great game called the Crane Game. It's the sort of thing you get at the seaside in the amusement arcades. You manoeuvre a crane over some prizes and then lower it to grab one, I got a couple of tee shirts and things and it was great fun.
The Island is worth a visit, and probably joining the group would be a good idea, to get all the benefits from the various things they do there, even if you only go over for a ride on the quad bike, go and have a look.
Janey Bracken

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